Kabimba Series Preview

The Kabimba Series App

Explore the Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo languages with in app format! With 6 engaging fascinating series, learning a new language has never been this fun! The KABIMBA Series uses a natural immersion style of child learning, immersing your child with the right visual and sound that is modelled on our key learning approach.

The unique KABIMBA leaching design is very effective for visual, verbal, musical learners. The more ways in which your child is engaged with the KABIMBA stories, the more quickly and naturally your child absorbs the new language.

Available now in the App Store and Google Play.


My sons love Yoruba, will certainly recommend!

“My sons love this program and they are mastering several words and phrases already! It is so nice to see that they don’t even realize the words are part of a foreign language any more as it comes so natural to them. I love it, and can only imagine this will give them an edge when talking with relatives! In addition, the videos are very engaging and my children ask to watch them nearly every time we are in the car – It’s a clear winner for us!”

Eniola, United Kingdom

My Children Learning IGBO So Fast!

“My children where born in the United States and they hardly understand their native tongue and this has been a bit of a worry for us. After discovering Kabimba, we are now very happy, our kids now understanding the Igbo language including how to greet so fast! I would recommend Kabimba over and over again. The apps are also great for adults as well, they help my husband and I remember forgotten words while learning new ones. Kabimba is very effective and entertaining for all ages (my self and my husband included).”

Ada, United States

Entertaining and Effective!

“Only after watching a few videos, my kids were able to remember Hausa words and complete sentences. They are always excited to watch the next video in the series and also asking to go on the quiz app.”

Fatima, United Kingdom

Amazing, I am so impressed!

“Both my older and younger children are fascinated with this Kabimba. The immersion style of the Yoruba videos and quiz app ensures the words really stick. It’s great to have a native speaker on the videos so my kids and I can get the pronunciation correct. I can’t wait to see how our children progresses, I think they will definitely have an easier time learning to be fluent in a second language.”

Bunmi, United Kingdom

My kids love this program!

“My kids ages 8, 10 and 11 love it. They repeat the words very regularly and have started greeting in Igbo. The videos are great and the corresponding quiz packs are fantastic for re-enforcements of key words and sentences. The videos and quiz combination actually really help the whole family understand Igbo much better. I would definitely recommend Kabima to others.”

Chioma, United States