How Kabimba Works

“Exciting Stories”

KABIMBA provides children with the foundation and technique they need to effectively learn a new language. KABIMBA has several features that will introduce quick assimilation and learning a secondary language, your child will be introduced to several vocabulary words and phrases across many exciting stories.

We believe that all children deserve to learn a second language particularly one tied to their roots. Our program makes learning a secondary language easy and accessible to all children. Our unique set of exciting stories, keep kids entertained while inspiring them to learn a second language.

Natural Immersion Process

“Watch, Hear and Understand”

The KABIMBA Series uses a natural immersion style of child learning, immersing your child with the right visual and sound that is modelled on our key learning approach. The corresponding quiz pack also aids learning re-enforcement for children and adults alike. The unique KABIMBA leaching design is very effective for visual, verbal, musical learners. The more your child is engaged with the KABIMBA stories, the more quickly and naturally your child absorbs the new language.

Unique Teaching Techniques

Kabimba is fuelled by your child’s imagination, learning a new language through our unique teaching techniques has never been easier. Kabimba incorporates play and storytelling into their language learning programs; this method excites and encourages your child to start speaking it almost immediately. Your child’s imagination is triggered and their attention of captivated by endearing and awesome characters, colorful animations, and entertaining music – all specially designed to build a foundation for learning the target language.

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Why Is Learning Native Languages So Important?

In many communities in various parts of Africa, native languages are dying at an alarmingly quick rate. Leaning a native language is one of the best ways to stay connected with ones roots.

By teaching children their native tongues, a sense of identity and belonging is being instilled, simultaneously teaching them to accept and be proud of their heritage and upbringing. A child learning their native language, particularly in the early years of childhood creates a sense of identity and belonging.

What is KABIMBA Language Program for Kids?

The KABIMBA stories are a language set in which cartoon characters including the lead character – Kabimba introduces the several common words of a target language. This language set consists of 6 story sets; each story focuses on specific learning topics: colors, numbers, family, animals, food, fruit and vegetables, body parts, nature and much more.

After watching these videos several times, most children can easily name everyday objects and understand basic phrases such as, “greetings in the morning, afternoon or evening” or “Asking questions or learning to count?” in their target language. KABIMBA is ideal for fostering a child’s cognitive development. KABIMBA language learning programs are most effective for children of all ages, as well as anyone interested in learning the basics of a new language.

KABIMBA provides children with the foundation and technique they need to effectively learn a new language. Your child will be introduced to more several vocabulary words and phrases across many themes. Additionally, KABIMBA has several features that will introduce reading and writing in a secondary language to your child.