Why should I teach my child a foreign language now?

Teaching your child to a foreign language will be a fun learning experience now and a good investment in his or her quality of life for all the years to come. Several studies prove that children are uniquely and temporarily primed to acquire up to three languages when they are young.

Children who are regularly exposed from a very young age to the sounds of a foreign language are more likely to achieve native or near-native fluency in adulthood.

Will Kabimba help my child’s early development?

There is scientific evidence that links early language acquisition increased cognitive abilities. Fluency in a language is achieved through frequent exposure and interaction. With language learning products that include videos, books, music, apps, and more, the Kabimba learning series is an effective, interactive, and convenient way of exposing a child to a foreign language.

Will Kabimba also appeal to teenagers?

Yes, teenagers learning a new language will find Kabimba to be an effective supplement for reinforcing vocabulary and teaching pronunciation. The quiz cards in the 2019 app release, will be a timeless, versatile teaching tool that appeal to kids of all ages.

Ordering Kabimba

What is your return policy?

Orders with digital products may be refunded as per our stipulations below.

  • If you have not yet downloaded your files, you may return KABIMBA digital downloads for a full refund within (7) days of your date of purchase
  • If you have downloaded your files

What credit cards do you accept?

Kabimba accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Our Products

Can I get your videos for a tablet or mobile device?

Yes, all of our videos are Digital currently available through the Apple and Google Play Stores. Simply click on the video or set in the language you would like and click “Buy Now.”

What languages are available?

Kabimba currently offers Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo but we will be introducing other African languages soon.

How do the videos work?

Our videos engage your young ones by tapping into their innate love of play and learning. Each video teaches child-friendly vocabulary based around a story. They’ll learn various words including places and more. Kids respond enthusiastically to Kabimba’s very engaging animated videos.

Digital Videos

How do I view the digital videos on any device?

After purchasing a video set from the Apple or Google Store, you will gain immediate access to your digital. From here, you can click to watch it on any mobile device.

How can I gift the digital videos?

During checkout, you will have the option to send as a gift by entering the gift recipient’s email address and a gift message.

How long does it take to receive my digital videos?

It’s immediate once your place your final order by selecting to buy in Apple or Google Play Store.

Using Kabimba

How many hours per week should my child watch?

Our recommendation is for babies and toddlers to watch at least two series two to three times a week, and for older children to watch the whole volume set. It is best to expose your child to the sounds of the foreign language as often as possible.

What can I do to help my child learn?

Practicing along with your child will help keep them motivated – even if you are not a native speaker of the language. Watch the videos together and repeat the words and phrases aloud. If you know the vocabulary, you can comment on what is happening or predict what might happen next. Speaking and interacting while watching the videos will help engage your child and enhance their learning.

What if I don’t speak the language my child is learning?

Kabimba empowers parents with no prior experience in a foreign language to be the language teacher. Simply watch the videos with your children, repeating the words aloud and then continue to reinforce the new words at home. Your involvement keeps your child motivated and engaged.